Elon Musk – Lagacy still to be achieved

History shows us that behind the creation of amazing things are truly disruptive innovators. Steve Jobs, Satoshi Nakamoto or Elon Musk those who lead the pursuit of human future possibilities allied to fundamental technology breakthroughs.

It was with no real surprise that Elon Musk had to act and step down as chairman of Tesla, this must have hurt not to mention the $20M fine, as a result of a misguided tweet…

Whatever your view is of electric cars, it cannot go unnoticed that Elon and his team have been at the forefront of a true change in perception to electric cars. Previously except for a few advocates our perception was negative to the real potential, change of this perception has been glacial.

In fact the change in perception transcends the ‘here and now’ with a trajectory of opinion change that could even deliver the ultimate vision of how we perceive the car as transport. So much so that the young will know a car as different from what it is today, just like we do not think a phone is a thing on the wall with a cord on it!

Tesla spearheaded the change in this perception by thinking differently and by using A silicon valley technology startup’ mentality with agile progressive industrial re-thinking coupled to leading edge technology ensuring Tesla the status of undisputed disrupter to the automotive industry!

Arguably Tesla is a software company that happens to make cars and the automotive equivalent of the iPhone. Strong use of design, simplicity for the user experience, software at the core with ‘over the air’ (OTA) software updates, much like ownership of your smart phone, a configurable gadget as a car.

The true disruptors follow through the vision, and Tesla for example, have addressed the infrastructure challenge of electric cars, solved by ‘Supercharging Stations’, powered by solar, completing the product circle and in the process building a whole new complimentary industry. This is truly defining the Future.

Tesla with Musk at the helm have taken a whole new approach to an extremely well established industry and do things completely their way, in the process, redefining true industrial innovation, something to applaud, surely?

There is still legacy to be achieved…