Introducing the Sarthe Model 2*

The Sarthe Model 2 will be the culmination of a life long desire to re-imagine an icon of Le Mans.

To do this properly and respectfully, the car will be built using the latest digital manufacturing technologies for design, manufacturing and simulations, techniques such as additive (3D & Sintering) and CFD. The Model 2 will be a modernised classic and draw on the technologies available today that allow bespoke low volume cars to be created efficiently and rapidly.

At the heart of the build will be a connected automotive ecosystem dedicated to promote and edvance the use of digital technologies, to connect the industry and to inspire the young into automotive technology. Not only that, but the ecosystem will be the first blockchain based supply chain that will provide crypto currency transactions. This will eliminate international transaction fees with suppliers. This is the RAZR Hub.

The Sarthe suite of cars will be built with an ever increasing reliance on digital manufacturing and digital asset transactions. The build and ecosystem will evolve over the next 6-8 months as we start to develop the app and will be subject to a Token Sale Event for contributors to engage directly with the project.

Keep posted.

* the model 2 will be officially named closer to launch

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