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85th Le Mans Approaching


With the 85th Le Mans 24 Hours rapidly approaching it seems absolutely appropriate to announce our Project to build a Full Motion 917 Simulator.

Like many fans of Le Mans we are preparing our trip to the circuit La Sarthe for the 2017 event repeating a journey taken over the last 30 years or so. Le Mans has become part of many lives and we will join the tens of thousands of fans from around the world to make this annual automotive pilgrimage.

The 24 Hours of Le Mans has witnessed different winning marques such as Porsche, Ford, Ferrari, Mazda, Jaguar, Bentley, Mercedes, McLaren to name a few and every fan has a favourite and for us it is the Porsche 917.

Founder of Project 917 Ian Howe says ” I was 6 when Richard Attwood and Hans Herrmann won the 1970 Le Mans in the Red and white livered Salzburg Porsche 917 but for me the 917 was further immortalised as arguably the automotive star of the movie ‘Le Mans’, which virtually sainted Steve McQueen in the eyes of us motorsport fans”.

” Who hasn’t wanted to be Frank Delaney sat on the start line with heart thumping and then going on to chase down Erich Stahler’s Ferrari 512!”

Sadly for fans it is impossible to experience driving a Porsche 917, and even more unlikely to drive the 1970 Le Mans pre-modification circuit without having to come up with £10 Million’s to buy one or build a time machine!

Ian adds, ” Fans of the 917 can only dream of what it might have been like to hurtle down the Mulsanne straight at 240 mph and replicate the experience that heroes such as Richard Attwood, David Piper, Vic Elford and indeed, Steve McQueen, experienced. Could there be a way that to create something close, or even similar to the original experience?”

The answer is YES…

Project 917 plan to build a Full Motion 917 Simulator complete with authentic cabin, actuator movement, impact steering, triple screen rig complete with software to create a unique experience to drive the 1970 Le Mans circuit.

The experience is designed to be an assault on all the senses set up to be physically demanding, intense and noisy to mimic that amazing flat 12 sound and to even replicate the smell of the race car.

The 917 rig will be built for a full experience to get the heart pumping and adrenaline flowing for total driving stimulation but of course without the potential of death, unlike
heroes of the era.

Helping to build the simulator will be Rally Prep Ltd., who currently run the Works Toyota GT86 Rally Team for the UK and Ireland championship and Radical Simulation, leaders in their field of simulator rigs build and software. Faroux Sports Cars, builders of 917 recreation’s and will supply the 917 fabricated parts.

The rig will be built later this year and will be attending various events in 2017 where fans can get behind the wheel and with a special attendance at Autosport International 2018.

Additionally, fans will have a key role in the future of the project including supporting our Indiegogo reward based crowdfund campaign.

Launching on the 30th May fans will be able to support the project by purchasing drive experience vouchers and memberships of the 917 Drive Club.

Fan Members will also get the chance to enter our Delaney Trophy competition to find not only the fastest driver but also the biggest 917 fan and best drive experience in the simulator. with prizes and trophies given at the end of the year.



To include our fans the initiative will be crowdfunding on where fans can buy Experience Vouchers to drive the simulator when ready, 917 Drive Club Memberships and 917 related rewards to help us build this unique simulator.

If you wish to know more before the campaign launch on how you can get involved then send us an email