OMG – Drop dead gorgeous

When it comes to homages, this bad boy looks the mutts… From 14 May to 15 September 2019, the Porsche Museum will honour the 50th anniversary of the 917 with an extensive special exhibition entitled “Colours of Speed – 50 Years of the 917”.

A total of 14 exhibits – including ten 917 models which alone have a combined PS output of 7,795 – will be on display. The Porsche Museum will present a 917 concept study to the public for the first time as homage to the first Le Mans victory of 1970.

The red-and-white show car was designed by a small team of designers and engineers, though with the entry of Porsche into the LMP1 category of he FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC), this model remained sadly as purely a concept study.

What is stricking about this concept is the clear identity to the original whilst retaining a super contemporary feel, without the sprouting of aero carbon adornments… clearly this is a styling excercise and the hyper-functionality of a race version would likely have to include aero, active or not, but as it stands, the car is certainly something that will be super impressive in the flesh, about to book my ticket for my visit to the 917 celebration…

The Ed.