On the horizon is a novel and modern approach to uniquely connecting the world of digital manufacturing, blockchain and the use of digital assets, crypto currencies specifically designed for the automotive industry, known as the RAZR Hub. Building cars is both complex and demanding yet breakthrough advances in digital manufacturing through the adoption of the […]

The team at RAZR Hub explain why there is a new set of opportunities for future industrial manufacturing and its called blockchain. Blockchain technology facilitates two or more entities that may or may not know or trust each other to securely exchange value over the internet without including a third party and is a foundation […]

The Sarthe Model 2 will be the culmination of a life long desire to re-imagine an icon of Le Mans. To do this properly and respectfully, the car will be built using the latest digital manufacturing technologies for design, manufacturing and simulations, techniques such as additive (3D & Sintering) and CFD. The Model 2 will […]

If you hadn’t noticed the rise and increase in cars that fit a very special market sector, that of modernised classics. The most obvious proponent is arguably ‘Singer’ with their spectacular 911 re-imaginations. Even a non Porsche fan or even a Porsche aficionado will appreciate the absolute attention to detail and thoughtful reworking of their […]

Peter Thiel, PayPal cofounder – says, ‘Technology has let people down, we wanted flying cars instead we got 140 characters… What happened to the future!’ In many ways this statement is true, the pace of visionary technology has taken a back seat to what is really achievable. This paradigm can change and the exciting argument […]

There are huge advances and therefore benefits to the manufacturing of vehicles by the adoption of digital technologies and skills has to be the future, and an exciting one at that. We delved into what and how the industry is changing and here is a little taste of the topic. Digitalisation can help manufacturers save […]

A new initaitive originated from the team at Sarthe Special Vehicles is set to revolutionise how a low volume ultra-sports car builder can create cars with the adoption of crypto currency and blockchain technology. We met up with Ian Howe the founder of Sarthe to explore what on earth this is all about and here […]

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