Sarthe Special Vehicles – Focused product evolution

As a start up low volume sports car manufacturer Sarthe Special Vehicles stands out as something intriguingly different to the normal. There are a few reasons why we can say this, the extensive use of digital manufacturing or the use of blockchain technology and the use of a tokenised crypto supply chain ecosystem but one that stands out is the how the proposed product range is inspired by the cars that raced the 24 hour of Le Mans.

Although the initial range of cars will be specifically inspired by the Porsche 917 an icon of the 1970’s but also the evolution of the Jaguars, Mercedes and LMP1 racers of Audi and Porsche to todays super tech hybrids.

This is a starting point for Sarthe, but fundamentally the creation of the Sarthe cars will be dominated by extensive use of digital manufacturing that allows for a product range that can evolve efficiently and rapidly throughout the life cycle of any build.

Founder of Sarthe Special Vehicles Ian Howe says ‘Accessing and integrating the technologies of the future for cars built for today is something that really excites me and the opportunities for the creation of bespoke low volume specialist cars is absolutely possible.’ Ian continues to add, ‘Take a look at what Singer have done, they have integrated the iconic original styling of the 911 and built cars that are super enhanced by the use of modern materials and technologies delivering some of the most desirable vehicles money can buy’.

Ian goes on to explain ‘Our Goal with Sarthe is to evolve an initial range of cars kicking off with the RAZR One which will be a homage to the 917 by being as visually close as we can get as a road and track variant. Under the skin will be a 21st century tub and chassis that will underpin the range of Sarthe cars, safer, stronger all created using digital manufacturing. The power will be delivered by modern V10’.

This first car will allow our team to develop and evolve to the RAZR Two car, which will be an ultra-sports car, again both road and track but with a special V10 powertrain and will be a celebration again of the 917. An increased level of digital manufacturing will allow the car to be customer bespoke and be a further showcase for the latest industrial technologies and materials.

From here the third car will be focused towards homologation for the new and evolving Ultra Sports class at Le Mans as a super light performance hybrid. This car will be truly stunning with a totally collaborative use of not only additive manufacturing but also CFD, Computational Fluid Dynamics delivering performance aero.

At the heart of the project is a unique co-operative and collaborative ethos to help bring together the very best skills and talents to produce amazing cars.
Looking forward to seeing the progress of this exciting project.

The Ed.