The Vision of an Industrial Support Gateway

You will likely not have heard of the RAZR Hub, yet this initiative has been created to merge the technologies of blockchain, digital manufacturing within an industrial support platform.

There are several key aspects to this project that has evolved from the desire to launch a brand of ultra-sports cars under the brand of Sarthe with products that defined by the use of the very latest in additive and digital manufacturing.

The automotive industry is littered with brands that could not quite keep a long-term hold on the business and when you analyse this many of the difficulties that befall companies there are a few categories that dominate failure, finance and skill acquisition.

RAZR Hub is designed to address these issues in a cooperative and collaborative ecosystem that can be adopted at any level by OEM’s and suppliers to dynamically deliver physical and fiscal support.

As a proposed total support ecosystem to industry is aimed to not only implement blockchain technology but the RAZR Hub will consist initially of complementary and functional portal gateways specifically added to enhance the app for a wider user base and will consist of the following four main building blocks:

1. Supply chain & Digital Asset Transaction module – Crypto Transaction Gateway
2. Access to digital manufacturing technology – Digital Manufacturing Gateway
3. Access to Finance – Backing & Finance Gateway
4. Skills learning & Acquisition module – Skills & Learning Gateway

The RAZR Hub is currently in feasibility stage that includes building the technical and commercial collaborations.

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