Welcome to the RAZR Hub

On the horizon is a novel and modern approach to uniquely connecting the world of digital manufacturing, blockchain and the use of digital assets, crypto currencies specifically designed for the automotive industry, known as the RAZR Hub.

Building cars is both complex and demanding yet breakthrough advances in digital manufacturing through the adoption of the 4th Industrial Revolution are fundamentally changing the way cars can be built and the key to tomorrow’s automotive products.

The smart businesses realise that to survive and prosper they need to both adopt efficiencies that technology can deliver as well as enhancing collaborative and mutually beneficial industrial alliances for technology provision, skills acquisition and strong supply chain.

The proposed RAZR ecosystem will be an industry practical and commercial support platform for digital manufacturing technology, blockchain and crypto currency transaction adoption.


• Be the enabler of crypto-transactions within a blockchain decentralised ecosystem

o Eliminate exchange rate fees and provide instant transactions for international payments
o Integrate existing supply chains

• Be a Business Network Connection Hub to inspire, encourage and connect digital manufacturing proponents

o Connecting suppliers and OEM’s for collaborative associations

• Be an enabler to develop digital manufacturing skills and talent acquisition

o Connecting industry with young talent
o eLearning and skills development

• Be the enabler for the implementation of the *Sarthe cars production.

o Technology ‘Sandbox’ for Sarthe products
o Provide core connections within digital manufacturing
o Provide a continuous improvement platform within a developing ecosystem

• Be a facilitator to industry for funding

o Provide access to funding options from 3rd party providers.

*Sarthe Special Vehicles – Building cars for Sarthe will fundamentally identify the efficiencies of a connected digital crypto industrial process and forensic recording of the entire process will provide industry feedback for the good of the industry.

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